JENONG S&T promises to constantly  strive and ponder to become a sustainable industry
We specialize in seed development,
seed quality maintenance and quality improvement.

We believe that producing healthy and stable seed is the first step to the successful future of agriculture.
With conducting the scientific and reliable quality test; germination, pathology, purity test,
JENONG S&T maximizes the  effort to provide high-quality and healthy seeds.

With steady investment to improve seed quality, we consistently work to build up a stable seed management system
To supply seeds seed which are trusted by farmers and demanded by consumers, Samsung Seed Co., Ltd. does the best one can
In spite of different cultures, environments and rapid changes in the market,
the young researchers and the skilled researchers work together to develop high quality seeds with the aim of gaining  customer trust and preference.

To produce seeds with the best quality, we undertake various quality management processes:
from basic analysis through consistent measurement to scientific analysis using precision equipment.